The pine forest

Green oases on the most sweltering of days, it is the ideal place for long strolls or bicycle rides.


The historical pine forest began at the beginning of the twentieth century at the request of Luigi Corrado Filiani, a visionary laird of the region.  The objective was to restore the old coastal forest to its original state, after it had been destroyed as a result of the heavy implementation of timber-cutting.

In 1923 2,000 trees of the Pinus Pinea variety were planted according to a “castle” strategy to resist agains the winds coming from the sea and the hills.

Today, Pineto is one of the most respected and popular coastal resorts on the mid-Adriatic coast and owes its name to the forest which stretches along the coast for 4 km.
The paved cycle path, which runs the length of the forest, is suitable for adults and children alike.